aka Jet
(11 Merits Awarded)
3 Intermediate Certificate Awarded
(3260 TICA Points)
Selkirk Rex Long-Haired
Silver Shaded (79l 75)
GCCF & TICA Registered
1st June 2005

UK & Int GRCH Bedazzle Irvine
British Black Tipped 39

Insiders Olivia of Trueblue (IMP)
Selkirk Rex Long-Haired
Blue Shaded)

Breeder: Lisa D Peterson

Jetranger arrived to us to be part of our
Selkirk Breeding programme, but after
only a few short months and two litters
later it was very apparent that Jet was
not cut out for the stud work as he just
loves human company too much. So we
neutered him and he lives his life on the
sofa with our other neuters as a much
loved pet.
Jet has had a wonderful show career as
a Neuter gaining Supreme Grand
Champion with TICA, 15 qualifying
Merit Winning cat with the GCCF as
well as been the 2nd IC qualifying cat.
He is also the Logo for the Selkirk Rex
Cat Club and Amazolou Cats.
Jet was been awarded TICAs Award of
Excellence as the Best Black Silver
Tipped Tabby Selkirk LH in 2007
Photographs by Lee
'Amazolou Cats & Kittens'

Selkirk Rex Boys
amazolou Selkirk Rex Cat
'Amazolou Cats & Kittens'

Selkirk Rex Boys

Please enjoy our lovely Selkirk Rex boys, Shorthair, Longhair and straighthair as well as curly.
They all have the lovely Selkirk Rex nature and chunky style.
Retired Boys - Now on the sofa
GCCF GR Premier
Cleyview Karma Chameleon
aka 'Karma'
Black Silver Shaded LH

Selkirk Rex born 27th July 2012

Dam: Adsetsh Amazolou Willow
IRCH Amazolou Mr Brightside

Liz Blagdon, Cleyview Cattery Wiltshire

We are so pleased to welcome in to our home the wonderfully curly Karam
Chameleon.  Both of his parents re Amazolou Bred and I thought it would be
lovely to have this little baby to return to his roots. Liz and Dave have done
a fantastic job of raising such a lovely friendly and simply bonkers kitten in
As Kharma has grown we've realised he is just too cute and loving to be
resigned as a stud boy, so we've neutered him and now showing as a neuter.
Supreme Grand Champion Trueblu DaringPositively -
the boy that started it all for me......
Amazolou Kodiak Bear
aka Kody

Selkirk Rex SH Red Tipped Variant 79s 39dv

Date of Birth 6th May 2013

Sire: Amazolou Polar Bear
Imp Gr Ch Acozni Rebuss of Amazolou

BabyKody is a knock off the old block, both kittens in the litter are like tonker toys, proper
little sweeties who have inherited there Dads head butting habit, his huge feet and muscular
stance. Kody has the potential of growing up in to a huge boy with the same substance and
stance as his Dad Polar Bear.  As Polar is now neutered I thought it sensible to keep hold of
his super sized award winning genes and hope that one day little Kody will be able to
produce some Polar Bears of his own and keep Jetrangers genes moving forward.
Kody was shown as a kitten as a Pedigree Pet and loved it, he managed to achieve Best of
Breed over 8 kittens at the Supreme in 2013 winning the judge over with his super friendly
playful nature.
Photo taken at 7 years old
The Selkirk's nick name is the "sheep cat", though named after a breed of rabbit. The curly coat  is a
rarity that they share with the little long-eared herbivore, and with their cousins from Devon and
Cornwall, otherwise they look quite different.

breeders thought that they looked so pretty they decided to establish the breed. The first ancestor,
'Miss Pesto', was born in Wyoming USA,in 1987, of a common American Shorthair mother and
unknown father. She was adopted by Mrs Newman, a Montana breeder of Persian cats, and so
moved up into high society! Her first partner, a black Persian called 'Photo Finish', gave her three
curly kittens, so the Selkirk is genetically dominant, because just one Selkirk parent was enough to
produce these curly little cats.

The Selkirk's have a robust, gracefully round body, lush curly fur and even curly whiskers and
eyebrows. They have a gentle nature and a loving temperament.
The Sell kirk has just become recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy thus launching
their UK show career. After several years of campaigning by dedicated breeders, the Selkirk Rex
has now gained full championship status with the GCCF in June 2009.

For more details of this wonderful new breed please visit the Selkirk dedicated website:
Selkirk Rex Cat Club Web Site
Photo taken at 6 months old
Photo taken at 2 1/2 years old
GCCF CH Amazolou Cake Bythe Ocean
aka 'Cake'

DOB 25th May 2017

Blue Golden Tipped Selkirk Rex Shorthair SRS ay 12

Home Breed

Grand Champion Acozni Ziggity Boom
Blue Golden Colourpoint SH Selkirk Rex

Dam: Steelaway Susannah
Golden Tipped British Shorthair

Cake is staying with the Amazolou Cattery as he will be one of the last Blue Golden Selkiks
I will be breeding. He has some great lines behind him and maintaining some of the
imported genes from the last 10 years is quite important to ensure I have a broad gene
pool to select from in the future. Plus he's a damn cute, incredibly friendly kitty.
GCCF Grand Champion
Amazolou Radio Star

aka 'Buggles'

DOB 12th April 2017

Red Silver Tipped Selkirk Rex Shorthair SRS ds 12

Home Breed

Grand Champion Acozni Ziggity Boom
Blue Golden Colourpoint SH Selkirk Rex

Dam: Amazolou Goo-Goo Doll
Tortie Tipped SH Selkirk Rex Variant

Buggles is  such a gorgeous little lad, he has all my old lines running way back to his
Great Great Grandparents, so  lovely to have a lad that I know I've had an input in to
5 of his generations. Mixing the best Trueblu, Acozni, Rebuss, Steelaway, & Insiders
lines, his pedigree is a joy to read.
Buggles has been run on to show as a kitten and now enjoying his adult show career.
April '19 update, Buggles has just become a Dad to an Acozni Bred girl owned by Anne
Minshall. We look forward to seeing how his babies develop.