Three little kittens with fur all brushed said, "We can't sleep, we feel too rushed!"
Their mother replied, with a voice like silk, "Fine, but at least you should drink your milk."
Three little kittens, with milk all gone, rubbed their eyes and started to yawn.

'We can't sleep, we can't even try."
Then their mother sang a lullaby.

"Good night kittens, close your eyes.
Sleep in peace until you rise.
Though while you sleep, we are apart,
your mommy loves you with all her heart."
All our kittens are lovingly reared in our home and exposed to the daily riggers of life
including the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, Norman's guitar playing and dogs to
make them well socialized little bundles of fun when they are ready to leave for their
new homes.
Kittens leave at 13 weeks old, this is to ensure they leave to go to their new homes
having been regularly wormed, checked by our local vet, vaccinated, registered with the
GCCF, and will have 4 weeks free insurance as well as a food & information parcel to take
away with.

If you are considering any of our babies then please contact me for a chat and I can
advise on the kittens available and which would be best for you. If I don't have any
advertised at present then please call any way as I may know someone with available
suitable kittens.
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matings click on my
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Sorry we have no kittens born yet, so enjoy some of our lovely 2020 babies below:
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Kitten Nursery
Kitten Nursery
Covid -19 January '21 Update
Getting A New Cat During Lockdown

As all of you are aware we are still in a lockdown, however, that does not mean you cannot get a new cat or
kitten - providing you follow the guidance outlined by the Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG).
According to the regulations, people may leave their homes if they have a reasonable reason to do so which
includes, for animal welfare reasons, and to care for or exercise their pet. Work, where you cannot reasonably
work from home, is also a reasonable reason for leaving your home. Any such activity must take place with
social distancing in mind and must not include mixing between households or household bubbles.
A journey may therefore be reasonably necessary for these purposes, and a journey in the course of business
are allowed.

The CFSG have outlined guidance for animal related business, which covers cat breeders and the need for
kittens to go to their new homes. Find the full CFSG guidance here.
Click on CFSG logo to find out more
details about viewing/collecting a
new pet curing the pandemic: