'Amazolou Wizard of Ozz'
appeared on the front
cover of
'Cat World' April 2006
Articles about us
'Amazolou' Cats & Kittens
Magazine 1104 1st December 2006

Smile for the camera??
Photos taken by Our Cats at the Yorkshire Cat Show in October 2006. Both Rikki and Sweetpea were
happy to pose for the camera...
You'll have to excuse me for this 'glory' page, but it's nice to see your cats in the paper
etc.......enjoy the cheesey photos...

Too date the Amazolou cats have been featured in:
Insider Manfred appears in Russian Magazine twice in one month.
Both either discussing the breed or an article about the the Insider Cattery in Germany were
Manfred was born..
November/Deceber 2006
Koschki Magazine - Russia
Koschki Magazine - Russia
'Our Cats' Magazine
This was the amazing day when my baby Amazolou Holly Golightly won Best in Show Kitten at the Kensington Kitten
and Neuter Show in July 2007. Lisa Peterson now lives with Holly in Australia.
April 18th

Article Written by myself on the Selkirk Rex Breed and it's current status in the GCCF.
Displaying many photographs of the Amazolou Cats and Show Winners.
Click on the article for full sized version to read.
'Amazolou' Cats & Kittens
Articles about us
Issue 367 October 2008

Selkirk Rex Breed
Article written by myself on the  continuing popularity of the
Selkirk Rex Breed in the UK, their progression with the GCCF
and some basic facts on the breed.
Featuring some of the 2008 Amazolou kittens as well as
adults. Front cover 'Amazolou Ting Tings - Golden Shaded
Longhair Female.
May 2009 click to download
The latest article to showcase the Amazolou Selklrk Rex is 'Your Cats' May 2009 edition, available
mid-April 2009. 'Your Cat' writer Angela and photographer visited our home in February to take photos of
the cats and discuss the breed. They also visited good friend Pam Beard-Smith and her cats, which are
also included in the article.
Amazolou Cats featured: Amazolou Ting-Tings far left, Trueblu Jetranger middle right, Amazolou The New Schmoo above, Amazolou Mister Fantastic with owner Sarah walker, inset.
Trueblu Kalidoscope far right.
April 2010 Issue:
on sale now
Sexy Rexy feature on the 3 main Rex Breeds, Cornish, Devon & Selkirk Rex. Amazolou cats features are the lovely
Amazolou Scooter Boy now owned by Liz Blagdon of Cleyview Selkirk Rex, Amazolou Ting Tings, SGA Trueblu Jetranger, and
Jetranger & Kalidescope appear as kittens in the Selkirk feature written by Lisa Peterson
One of our Grandkitties featured in
a Japanese publication just recently
CFA GRC. Islarey Waltzing Matilda

Dam:CH.Amazolou Holly Golightly 
Bred by Lisa Peterson
July 2010

Features Golden babies
Amazolou Ting Tings &
Amazolou Scooter Boy, plus
stud boy Insiders Manfred and
old friend Curlu Coco.
April 2012
An article written in cooperation
with myself featuring Insiders
Manfred and and Mewsos
Vincent. Plus some other lovely
curly kitties.
A short feline focus on the Selkirk
Rex breed featuring previous
Amazoolu stud boy Manfred,
Amazolou Ting Tings as a kitten,
and Coco.
June 2014
Amazolou gang, including
Jetranger, Goo-Goo Doll, Heri,
Ruby and Manfred.
Amazolou gang, including Ting-Ting, Daring and Manfred.