GCCF Champion Bluepawz My
Fair Lady

aka 'Poppy'
British Blue BSH a

GCCF  Registered
Breeder: Mrs Lorraine Bowman

Cwtch Bluepawz Satchmo BSH a
Bluepawz Poppy-Mai BSH a

PKD Negative Tested VGL August 2016
Blood Group A VGL Tested August 2016

Poppy is our Blue girl from Lorraine Bowman and the Bluepawz cattery.  A
gorgeous girl who has grown up to be a girlfriend to Bubba and t
oo date
produced some lovely kittens from him. Poppy has a loving laid back
personality and her kittens are equally cuddly and unfazed by life.

Amazolou Sugar-Bear

Born 11th July 2019
GCCF Registered
GRCH Delphinium Centurion BSH a

Genetically PKD Negative as Both Parents Tested Negative

Little Sugar Bear was too irresistible not to keep out of Poppy's 3rd litter.
From day one she was the biggest and boldest of the litter. She has the
usual British chuckiness and as friendly as her Mum and Dad.
We are hoping that once we are able to we can start showing Sugar as she's
growing in to such a lovely girl, she has inherited her Mum's wonderful eye
colour and boning.

Sugar became on Mum for the first time in August 2020 and was an
absolute purrfect little Mum.
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