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Show News 2020
Show News 2020
Rex Cat Club
18th January 2020

CH Amazolou Tickety Boo

Selkirk Rex Champion Male Judge: Mr J Hansson
Grand Certificate Awarded (1)
Selkirk Rex Adult Male Breed Class Judge: Mrs V Knight
BOB – CH Amazolou Tickety-Boo
Well done to owner Nicola Morris for showing Drako on his Grand award
Show Report:
Selkirk Rex Champion, Male;
Black Silver Shaded SH and breed number should be SRS ns 11.
He still has a slightly innocent look, head is round with good breadth to the cheeks, brow is
rounded and he has slight break and downward curve to his nose, uniform width, matchbox
like muzzle, stands away from his cheeks, good depth chin, bite level. He has small tufted tips
to his ears, medium size, some curly interiors. His eyes are large and well open round shape,
black rims, green colour (though somewhat irrelevant as there are no points). Body is solid
and firm, good rectangular appearance, really strongly boned legs and large paws, tail medium
length and was showing good if wider loose wave along its length. He has a thick very dense
coat, soft springy like texture, with abundant loose unstructured curl throughout that can
easily be felt, tighter on the throat, chest and tummy. His condition was splendid, and he has a
lovely confident temperament. Though no points for colour/pattern and whilst heavily shaded
he has a wonderful amount of silver undercoat, well up the hair shaft and abundant loose curl,
evident for a shorthair.
Sadly due to the Covid-19 Pandemic it looks
like there will not be any more cat show in  
2020, which is very sad.