'Amazolou' Cats & Kittens
Wildlife Painting
Wildlife Painting
I've drawn and painted animals since I can remember. From my pet cats to big cats. I find painting very
therapeutic and love shutting myself away for a few days to finish a piece. Unfortunately the time to allow
me to do that nowadays gets less and less?

I've attached some photos of some of my favorite pieces painted over the last 20 years, I will add more as
I gain photos of them as some have left my ownership now either as commissions or gifts.

I hope you enjoy them.

(apologies for the poor photos as most of these paintings have been photographed after framing and the
glass can be a tad reflective.)
I always think that if you can capture the eyes then you can capture the mood of the subject. This big
guy is relaxed and just enjoying his afternoon siesta knowing he's the king of his jungle.
Completed 2001
I saw the photograph of this scene in a BBC Wildlife magazine and loved it. It took me 3 days to
draw out and paint and although completed over a decade ago remains one of my favorites.
Completed Summer 1999
I have a real love of apes and I find their very human expressions enthralling. I'm always on the
look out for an interesting subject and this chimp was photographed in a zoo setting looking
thoroughly miserable with eyes that just sucked you in to his world.
Completed Summer 1991.
This was a mother orangutan which have had a baby on her chest, but I decided the baby would
distract from her expression which was my main focus. I thought she was beautiful.
Completed Summer 1999.
This is my latest piece, a promise to my Mum as she's always badgering me for more paintings.
It's a Sumatran Tiger cub out for a stroll straight in to your her room.
Completed December 2009.
Another chimp painting, completed 10 years after my first one above. Again it was the chimps
expression and eyes that attracted me to the subject. I would love to know what he was thinking
so hard about?
Completed 2001.
An early painting in the style of one of my favorite wildlife artists, David
Shepherd. Painted at the tender age of 19, boy that was a long time ago??
A Painting dedicated to my lovely little Japanese Chin Petal, I call it 'Happy Dog'
July 2019
A quick painting of my friend Lisa's gorgeous French Bull Dog 'Frankie'    February 2020
A 'work in progress' photo as well as the final work.