'Amazolou Cats & Kittens'

'Amazolou Cats & Kittens'

'MC Wyrewood Fugly'
Black Smoke Devon Rex

Sire: Smoothasilk Noisey Parker (33a 36)
Dam: Wyrewood Wendolene (33a 31)

Born: 28th September 2013
Welcome to Fugly's page. I thought this little character of ours deserved a page on our website all of his own
as he doesn't actually fit anywhere else?

To start at the beginning I have to thank Fugly's first Mum, Chris Hazel of Wyrewood who breeds these
lovely little gremlins. Chris is a good friend who also breeds Selkirk Rex and is a committee member of two
cat clubs close to my heart the Selkirk rex Cat Club and the Rex Cat Association. On occasion Chris would
show me the photos of her latest litter of feline aliens which I would always coo at and say 'next time Chris
you get a black smoke give me a bell and I may have to steal it'. Well that happened in September last year.
Chris told me he'd probably carry longhair so would be a bit 'shaggier' that a Devon should be so not brilliant
for showing which didn't put me off as I thought I only want him as a pet and could possibly show him as a
Pedigree Pet as long as his temperament suited for showing.

Well on Christmas Eve 2013 I drove down to Chris's place to collect this lovely little fella. Chris brought him
down stairs in a little blue blanket and he looked soooo small but instantly purred away and that was it I was

On arrival back home I expected him to be a little shy and try and hide, but no, the little fella was not going
to be separated from either me or Norman and glued himself to us. Mum felt sorry for his little virtually
knacked body and knitted him a little jumper which he proceeded to wear for the next couple of months
until he eventually grew out of it and Mum had to knit him a larger one. He did look very cute.

Fugly wasn't phased at all by the other much bigger cats and made friends instantly, not that the bigger cats
were too impressed by him. But they tolerated him well and he became a member of the family straight away.
Already friends with Jetranger
Fugly's Christmas jumper from Mum
November 2014 Update:
Fugly is now a fully grown 'shaggy' Devon with a mind for mischief and a climbing ability any spider would be
jealous off?

He's attended 3 shows and entered as a pedigree pet as his coat is wayyyyy too long to get away with in a
standard Devon Rex class. He's earned himself 3 Master Cat certificates meaning he gets to keep the title.
His last show in November was the Supreme Cat Show held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, he
had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed all the attention and the buzz at the show. Norman kept an extra special
eye on his favorite boy. Fugly even won Best of Colour in his section was a shock to say the least, we were very
proud parents.
Fugly getting some extra attention from
the show visitors, which he lapped up.