Our Previous Home.

Our Cattery complex was built May 2006 with a final extension added on in May 2009, have a look below at the photos..
Our Stud boys live outside in their custom made houses and runs. We have tried to make these as homely as possible, so they are all fully heated and lined to keep
them cosy in the colder months.
We have also filled the runs with things of interest and colour to keep them occupied as well as having cosy cushions, toys and photo frames up in the housing part.
Each boy has an outdoor run attached to his home which allows them to get out into the fresh air.
Our girls and neuters live in the house and have full reign to do what they want.  They get visitation rights to the outside pens so they can get out and torture the
butterflies when they wish with out the fear of them getting lost, stolen or run over, as well as protecting them from the neighbourhood tom cats.
'Amazolou Cats & Kittens'

Our Place
The Amazolou cattery has recently 'upped sticks' and moved 3 miles down the road from South Birmingham into
Wythall, just 5 minutes from junction 3 of the M42.

As off the end of October, we are busy rebuilding the cattery in its new home and will hopefully be able to share photos
of the boys and girls in their new home.

Until then, please enjoy a couple of photos of the old cattery.