Here is a list of friends and services cat related that might be of interest to you...
Lisa Peterson - Islarey Selkirk Rex - Coffs Harbour - Australia

Ann Stubbs - Positively British - Monmouthshire

Jackie Steele - Steeleway British Shorthaired - Wales

Anne Edney - Rocadanne British Shorthaired - Tamworth  

Jolanta Axon - Delphinium British Shorthair - Moseley B'ham

Pam Beard-Smith - Mewsos British & Selkirk Rex - Chester
'Amazolou Cats & Kittens'

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Liz Blagdon - British & Selkirks - Warminster

Anne Minshall - Acozni Selkirk Rex - Staffordshire

Jane Chadwick - British Shorthair - North Somerset

Lisa Burnell - Burlea British Shorthair - North Yorkshire

Corinee Bromley - Coraski Selkirk Rex - Walsall

Lorraine Bowman - Bluepawzs British Shorthair - Dorset
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