The British Shorthair

"We would do well to look to the gutters for our education," wrote Moncrif in his History of cats in 1727. The
nineteenth-century cat lover and painter Harrison Weir must have agreed with him, as he hand picked cats from the
gutters of Great Britain to breed and show, thereby raising the common or garden alley cat to the rank of "British
Shorthair". This terribly colonialist appellation was used at the time to refer to a variety of continental household cats,
and was the cause of much confusion, until specific breeding programmes defined the precise standards for the British
and European Shorthairs, according to morphological differences.

Nowadays the British Shorthair still has a slightly rugged look which betrays its common origins. It is a medium to
large sized cat, with a sturdy muscular body, broad shoulders, short robust legs, and a deep rounded chest. The tail is
thick at the base, and should be as long as two-thirds of the body. The head must not be too short, and is round, like
the muzzle. The eyes are also round, and are orange, gold or copper-coloured: in case of the silver-coated cats, the
eyes should be green, and white cats can be odd-eyed.

The eyes are set quite wide apart, accentuating the width of the nose, and there is a very slight stop between the nose
and the well-defined forehead. The very thick, short hair covering the forehead gives it a rounded look. The ears are
quite wide at the base, and quite small., with rounded tips. It's short, plush fur makes this cat look round and fluffy -
most inviting to touch! With it's sweetly innocent, picture book face, it looks like a cuddly toy come to life.
'Amazolou' Cats & Kittens
British Boys        
'Amazolou' Cats & Kittens
British Boys        
Grand Champion Delphinium Centurion  
(aka Bubba)
British Blue (16)
Gr Ch Positively Zambezi
Dam: Positively Delphinium

Blood Group Ab (VGL Tested 01/12)
PKD Negative (VGL Tested 12/11)
Born on 26.6.11

This gorgeous bouncing blue boy arrived from good friend Jolanta and the Delphinium Cattery. He is a
perfect little British boy with sturdy little legs and and a proper Tonka toy stance which British kittens
should have.  
Bubba will be used in both my Selkirk Rex breeding program as well as my Blue Golden British program.
Thank you so much Jolanta.
Not Available for Open Stud

Amazolou Hullabaloo
(aka Baloo)

British Blue Golden (75a)
Sire: Sundust's Silver Max (39)
Dam: Old Possums Quick Silver (75a)

Blood Group A
PKD Negative Tested VGL August 2016
Born on 21 May 2015

Little Hullabaloo has just sired his first litter with us, a gorgeous boy with amazing green
eyes and we do hope he passes these on to his kittens.
Hullabaloo will be winging his way over to Australia in 2018 to start a new life with good
friend Lisa Peterson as one of the only Blue Golden British Shorthairs in Australia.